For Our Sellers

Based upon our years in the brokerage business and experience in assisting both buyers and sellers, we offer the following helpful hints for people who want to buy or sell a boat.

There are many reasons listing your boat with Alaska Boat Brokers will be beneficial to you.  However, if your boat is less than 20 feet, it may make more sense to sell the boat yourself.  These transactions are usually relatively simple and there is typically a large market for smaller boats.  The sale of a smaller boat usually doesn’t require the professional assistance of an experienced broker and you will save brokerage commission fees.  Remember though, you will be responsible for marketing your boat, negotiating price and terms, and completing all necessary paperwork for the sale to the buyer.
Why list with Alaska Boat Brokers?  To achieve the following:

When you sign a listing agreement with Alaska Boat Brokers, we will manage the selling process from start to finish.  We will help you determine fair market value and recommend a reasonable asking price.  We will make recommendations that will make your boat more marketable, such as professional detailing or repairs.  Alaska Boat Brokers will invest time and money to effectively market your vessel, utilizing multiple listing services and appropriate advertising and promotion, to help you obtain better market exposure, a quick sale, and a better selling price than you could get on your own.  
Alaska Boat Brokers will assist in the negotiating process, ensuring the sale does not fail due to ineffective communication between buyer and seller.  Many potential sales unnecessarily fall apart during the negotiating process due to poor communication or the stress of the negotiating process.  This serves neither the seller not the buyer.  Don’t let this happen to you!
Generally, when the size and the price of a boat increase, the number of potential buyers decreases.  And, the complexity of a successful sale increases exponentially.  Professional marketing of larger vessels is critical to a successful sale at a fair price. 

In the real estate business, a home with less clutter and attractively staged will sell faster for a higher price.  The same applies to boats.  Creating a favorable first impression is absolutely critical to your success in selling.
If you have personal belongings and gear that will not to be sold with the boat, remove them!  Declutter your boat!  Make sure your boat presents well.  Your boat must be clean inside and out and obvious defects that will impale a sale must be corrected.  If necessary, have your boat professionally detailed and repaired before placing her on the market.
A clean and properly maintained boat will outsell a dirty and poorly maintained one many times over.  Numerous excellent photos, used to market your vessel, will successfully present a more appealing boat to potential buyers.  Dirty boats don’t sell.  A properly maintained boat will imply to a buyer that you cared for your boat and your boat is in better than average condition.  Your boat will sell faster and bring more money if she has been well loved.

You can set any asking price, reasonable or unreasonable.  However, if you are sincere in selling you boat in a reasonable amount of time, you will listen to the advice of your broker when establishing an asking price.  Alaska Boat Brokers will conduct a fair market value analysis and recommend a range of value you should reasonably expect.
If you seek an excessive asking price, Alaska Boat Brokers may do you a favor by turning down your listing.  A broker only has three things to sell: experience, knowledge, and time.  Professional brokers do not want to waste their resources attempting to sell overpriced boats.  The smart professional broker will not waste your time and resources by accepting an overpriced listing.
Buyers will preview the market to determine what is available and what sellers are asking for their boats.  Buyers make very quick decisions when selecting potential boats to purchase, based on asking price and appearance.  Don’t impede your marketing effort with an unreasonable asking price.
Your boat is special to you, as the proud owner, but this does not automatically mean your boat will sell for an above average price.  Potential exceptions are rare boats or older boats that truly exhibit exceptional care.
Price your boat reasonably or otherwise you will scare off prospective buyers. Listen to what your Alaska Boat Brokers broker is telling you regarding market analysis and what comparable boats are selling for.  Neither you nor your broker receives any money until your boat sells, so both of you want your boat sold in a reasonable amount of time for the highest price the market will support.

While it is possible your boat will sell in a very short time frame, today's buyer is usually much better informed about the options available to them.  With this in mind, many potential buyers start looking at boats ahead of their intended purchase date.  Remember, boat buying is a process and buyers want to see a variety of boats and determine what boat will best fit their needs.  If your boat is in excellent condition, presents a favorable appearance, and is fairly priced, rest assured she will sell within a reasonable amount of time.